Court Sentences 2 Suspects to 3 Years in Prison over Kidnapping Two Persons, Claiming They are Informants

2017-03-20 - 2:38 p

Bahrain Mirror:  The First High Criminal Court, presided over by Judge Hamad bin Salman Al Khalifa, with the membership of two judges, Dia' Huraidi and Jamal Awad, and the Secretariat of Abdullah Mohammed, sentenced 2 defendants to 3 years in prison over taking part in kidnapping their two friends, beating them and stealing them, claiming they work as informants to the ministry of interior.

The authorities claim that on July 15, 2016, the second suspect agreed with the first suspect to allure the victims to kidnap them, thinking they work as informants to the police. The first suspect cooperated with other unknowns to commit the crime. Masked people carrying electric detonators and plastic rods headed to the house of a person where the victims were attending a wedding. While the victims were having dinner, masked people entered and claimed they are policemen and took the victims after they blindfolded their eyes and put them in the car's trunk.

The masked people took the victims to a farm in Buri and assaulted them through hoses and sticks, extinguished cigarettes on their bodies and took the victims' phones and money. The suspects forced the victims to say confessions stating they are cooperating with the ministry of interior and videotaped them.

The incident lasted for about 4 hours of continuous beating. The suspects then brought the victims to a place near Buri tunnel and got them out of the car after threatening them to not to tell anything to the police.

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