Photos: Thousands Take Part in Funeral Procession of Martyr Ali Aqaqa Killed by Saudi Regime in Al-Awamiyah

2017-05-18 - 11:07 p

Bahrain Mirror: Thousands of Umm Al-Hamam residents took part in the funeral procession of martyr Ali Mohammad Kazem Aqaqa who was killed on Friday (May 12, 2017) by the Saudi forces while passing on the public street in Al-Awamiya that has been witnessing a siege and military invasion since over a week.

During the procession held on Tuesday (May 16, 2017) night, protestors shouted slogans against the Saudi regime and demanded to hold criminals and perpetrators accountable.

According to opposing Saudi media outlets, the Saudi forces directly shoot martyr Ali Aqaqa before one of the armored vehicles dragged his car for more than 600 meters, where he remained stuck for hours as none of the residents could aid him. He died later in the hospital.






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