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Khalifa bin Salman Praises "Positive Changes" in USA Policies towards the Region

2017-05-19 - 2:23 p

Bahrain Mirror: Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa lauded the positive changes in the USA policies towards the region and its countries, and the understanding of the US Administration, led by President Donald Trump, of the situation there. "The new vision and understanding will augur a new phase full of optimism and cooperation," he said, adding that "everyone is looking forward to the outcomes of President Trump's upcoming visit to Saudi Arabia and expects them to have positive impacts on the Arab and Islamic worlds."

"What we see today is that America, under the leadership of President Trump, has developed a better understanding and a readiness to cooperate more, which has triggered more optimism in the region," he said while meeting a delegation from the US Middle East Policy Council under the leadership of former US Ambassador to Bahrain, Ronald Neumann.

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