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Military Officer and 3 Asians Tried over Money Laundering of BD 35M

2017-05-19 - 10:17 p

Bahrain Mirror: A Bahraini court decided to postpone a money laundering case in which a Bahraini police officer and 3 Indians are accused, until June 14, for pleading, with the continued imprisonment of the first defendant.

The case revealed huge amounts of money in which the first and second defendants dealt with derived from activities linked to prostitution. The first defendant dealt with 2 million and 189 thousand Bahraini Dinars in 9 bank accounts in his name and the names of his children. He also transferred 29 thousand and 600 Bahraini Dinars to many countries, although his monthly salary does not exceed 680 Dinars.

On another hand, the second defendant, who is a board member of a maintenance company, owns a real estate company and a company, dealt with 6 million and 8888 thousand Dinars in 5 bank accounts. He made 64 bank transferred to outside Bahrain worth 35 million dinars.

The Public Prosecution had accused the four defendants during the years 2012 to 2014, of running places of prostitution.

After investigations, the first defendant was revealed to be a police officer, the second to be a businessman, the third a manager in a hotel, while the fourth was revealed to be a general manager.

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